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Baby Panel®

The first electric radiant panel that cares about your child’s health and embellishes his/her room.

The highest comfort for your children

The radiant efficiency of Baby Panel® ensures an unrivaled healthiness, without air treatment and in absolute silence. The quality of the materials and the customized images make this product unique, perfect for children’s rooms. Baby Panel® is ready to use. Install it quickly and give the right warmth for your child’s games and sleep.



Choose your image

Baby Panel® characterizes your spaces, and makes them more stylish and refined. The desired image is transferred on the R Panel® surface using an innovative industrial process. Thus, you get an extremely durable and high quality finish.

A work of art, the photo of your favorite moments in harmony with your style of furniture. We take care of the entire design phase, checking resolution and image quality.

The images are indicative only. Colors may vary from the illustrations

Technical specifications


  • Digital electronic thermostat with external sensor, maintains the desired room temperature through four functions: Comfort, Night, Antifreeze, Fil-Pilote.
  • (Optional) Digital electronic thermostat Wi-Fi version, by means of a special App for iOS® and Android® systems, allows remote programming.