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R Panel® Heating&Cooling is a unique radiator that allows heating and cooling your house with the same plant. It ensures the best thermal comfort in every season, respects the environment and reduces the power consumption.

Low temperature radiant heating

Unlike traditional radiators, R Panels have been specifically designed to operate at low temperature (35°C – 42°C; 95°F – 108°F). They transfer most of the thermal energy to the house structures (walls, floor, ceiling) and not to the air. This results in incomparable salubrity, less expensive energy bills and in a reduction of the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Natural radiant cooling

The R Panel® cooling system results from extensive scientific researches carried out in collaboration with prestigious European Universities. A unique system to cool houses in a natural and healthy way, without harmful draught or temperature gradients in the room. Three steps characterize the R Panel® radiant cooling:

Comparison with traditional radiators and air systems

Like traditional radiators, R Panel® is not embedded in the walls, is quickly installed and requires no special maintenance.
In addition, R Panel® offers:
  • The highest level of hygiene and healthiness
  • Never again air too dry or too humid
  • Much lower energy consumption
  • A single system to heat and cool
  • High design and possibility to choose diff erent colors or even personalized images with Art Panel®

Comparison with traditional radiant systems

Like other radiant systems, R Panel® operates at low temperature and ensures energy saving and thermal comfort.
In addition, R Panel® offers:
  • Fast thermal response because in aluminum and not embedded in the walls
  • Uniform temperature in the room
  • Unbeatable cooling effi ciency and no condensation issues thanks to an innovative humidity control system

Colors and Features

R Panel® Vertical Model
from XT2 to XT9 (Towel hanger accessory available)


 Ivory / RAL 1013

Pure white / RAL 9010

Red / RAL 3003

Blue / RAL 5007

Green / RAL 6005

Raffaello Grey / RAL 0924

R Panel® Under-window model from
XT2 to XT9

R Panel® Horizontal model

Technical specifications