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R Panel® Cooling

With R Panel® you can cool your house without the problems associated to the convective systems. In a house conditioned with R Panel® you can feel the same comfort of a wonderful cellar in summer, saving up money.
The R Panel® cooling solves the drawbacks of traditional systems. R Panel® realizes the best conditions for your thermal comfort and health. This is possible thanks to the technical features of the radiant panel and to the use of an innovative anti-condensing electronic control.

R Panel® heating and cooling with Mini Chiller
Example of an apartment of 100 square meters

Heating and radiant cooling R Panel® provides:
A Mini Chiller to be placed outside the house, which sends cold water to the plant in summer and hot water in winter.
The Fan coil, positioned in a disengagement, dehumidifies when requested only during the cooling phase.
This is a hybrid system in which, during start-up, the convective contribution is greater (see graph) than the radiant one.
In a short time the radiant component exceeds and reaches 70% compared to the convective one, thus offering maximum comfort in complete wholesomeness of the air and absolute silence.
The R Panel ® cooling is unique, it allows to really cool in a natural way and with very low energy consumption.


  • Saving up to 60%

  • No noise and drafts

  • Relative humidity of Comfort

  • Terminals not embedded in the building structure – Quick thermal response

  • Uniform heat distribution

  • Heat transfer by radiation higher than 70% (unique in the market)

  • Single terminal that heats and cools (with accessories)