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    Project Description

    Industrial building

    Energetic requalification

    The R Panel® heating plant realized in this industrial shed represents an important example of “energetic requalification” of buildings bad insulated, located in rigid-climate locations.
    The building is located close to the natural park “valle del freddo” (“the cold valley”), close to the Endine Lake (Milan), where a permanent freezing under the soil occurs; the phenomenon is called Permafrost.
    It has been obtained a fully comfort condition with an indoor temperature of 17,5°C (63°F)and a reduction of the energy bill of about the 65%.
    The shed was initially equipped with a fun-coil heating plant supplied by two boilers of 250 kW each one. In spite of the high thermal power used, the internal temperature during the winter was usually lower than 6°C (43°F).
    The energetic requalification consisted in :
    • Installation of R Panel®
    • Intervention of passive climatization
    The energy density installed with the R Panel® is of 9 W/m3; the panels are fed by one of the two boilers preexistent, in which the power has been reduced to 200 kW. The passive climatization consisted in treating the internal surface of the shed in order to reduce the radiant energy losses.

    “The realization of an heating plant is an industrial shed of 2.000 m<sup>2</sup> in Milan, projected by the company BGVM Radiant Conditioning Research & Development, represents a scientific event both for the climate conditions of the place and for the technological solutions adopted”

    – Rivista Tecno Impianti Anno 9 – N° 1 (2003)