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    Project Description

    Wellness Center

    New Plant

    The R Panel® cooling heating system realized in a local large surface area combined Wellness Center is a significant example of the high energy efficiency of the R Panel® technology in the air conditioning of buildings.
    The R Panel® technology allows to operate a reduction in energy with increasing concentration of the volumes to be heated. This is one of the results validated by research conducted in collaboration with universities. This implies a considerable reduction of energy commitments with consequent savings to the bill.
    The structure, from the volume of 8000 m3, is heated with a 75 kW boiler with an external probe, for an energy concentration useful to the heating of only 5 W / m3, which feeds the plates at an average temperature of 38 ° C.L ‘ power to the plates takes place via a LPG boiler for hot function and a geothermal heat pump for the cold function.