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    Project Description


    In this page there are reported the energy consumption data registered during the winter season in the R Panel® heating plant realized in the Ronald’s Restaurant. The restaurant lays in Bay City (Michigan), near the Great Lakes. The winter climatic conditions are rigid, with temperatures also lower than -25°C (-13°F). These values often produce freezing of pipes and formation of ice even one meter under the soil level.

    The energy bill reduction is of about the 75%!

    The restaurant is composed by two adjacent and separated rooms, respectively of 130 m2 and 175m2. The part of 130 m2 has been recently restructured and supplied with the R Panel® climatic system (heating-cooling); the other room is presently heated by a traditional convective system.

    In the down graph it is shown the average daily consumption of natural gas, for square meter, for the two parts of the restaurant.

    R Panel® heating system has been activated at the end of September; the energetic comparison is referred to the period 1st October – 3rd March. Analysis of data is very interesting, being a comparison among two different heating systems, a traditional convective and the R Panel® one, in the same climatic conditions. Moreover the natural gas supply is separated for the two restaurant parts, so it was possible to have a reliable comparison of the energy consumption.