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    Project Description


    The present R Panel® heating plant was realized in a building of 1700 m2 (volume 5950 m3) used as a school in Naples (Italy).The total consumption of natural gas, for the heating and the hot water production for two years, amounted to € 11824 m3. Considering the cost of the natural gas (€ 0.50 per m3), the total cost was of € 5912 (€ 2956 per year) .

    The building has two floors; the ground floor is heated by an air system while the first floor by the R Panel® radiant panels.

    The power supplied from the R Panel® system is 60 kW, for an average thermal-power density of 9.9 W/m3. The panels are fed by a condensing boiler (oversized) of 120 kW. The air exchange is made by means of a ducted system with heat recovery.

    The heating plant was installed in September 2008. The consumption data refer to the school years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 with a regular activation at 21°C.