Industrial building


Industrial building Energetic requalification The R Panel® heating plant realized in this industrial shed represents an important example of “energetic requalification” of buildings bad insulated, located in rigid-climate locations. The building is located close to the natural park “valle del freddo” (“the cold valley”), close to the Endine Lake (Milan), where

Wellness Center


Wellness Center New Plant The R Panel® cooling heating system realized in a local large surface area combined Wellness Center is a significant example of the high energy efficiency of the R Panel® technology in the air conditioning of buildings. The R Panel® technology allows to operate a reduction in energy with increasing



Restaurant In this page there are reported the energy consumption data registered during the winter season in the R Panel® heating plant realized in the Ronald’s Restaurant. The restaurant lays in Bay City (Michigan), near the Great Lakes. The winter climatic conditions are rigid, with temperatures also lower than -25°C (-13°F). These

Country House


Country house Energetic Requalification This energetic requalification has been realized in a country house where it was present a deficient convective heating system. The existing radiators have been replaced with the R Panels®, maintaining the same hydraulic plant. A geothermal heat pump as energy source has been chosen; it feeds both the



Villa Energetic Requalification In this page it is analyzed the R Panel® heating plant realized in a villa in Florence (Italy). The building was previously equipped with a traditional radiator heating system. The energetic requalification consisted in the replacement of the existing radiators with the R Panels, keeping the same hydraulic plant.



Villa In this page it is analized the heat-cool R Panelhttp® plant realized in the case of a bad-insulated building. The building,  constructed with tuff bricks (picture), has been successively renovated without any improvement of the thermal insulation. The full comfort has been obtained by installing a heat power of only 20 W/m3,



School The present R Panel® heating plant was realized in a building of 1700 m2 (volume 5950 m3) used as a school in Naples (Italy).The total consumption of natural gas, for the heating and the hot water production for two years, amounted to € 11824 m3. Considering the cost of the natural gas