//Baby Panel®

Baby Panel®



Radiant plate Baby Panel®

The first electric heating plate that focuses on your child’s health and embellishes his bedroom.

Perfect wellness for your kids

The radiant efficiency of the Baby Panel ® plate ensures unmatched salinity, without any air treatment and in absolute silence.

The quality of the materials used and the image customization make this product unique, perfect for children’s environments.
Baby Panel ® is ready for use, you can install it quickly, giving you the right hep to your baby’s sleep and games.

Many advantages

Full salinity and silence

No air treatment and no noise

Maximum security

No edges, no sunburn

Very low consumption

Powers from 100 W

Minimal clutter

Maximum boss from the wall of 4 cm

No boiler

Immediate installation,
Only an electrical outlet is required
Freedom of personalization
Choose your image, photo, design.


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