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What is R Panel® ?

R Panel® is an innovative technology resulted from cutting edge researches in the field of heating and cooling of buildings. Buying R Panel does not simply mean purchasing a new design radiator but choosing the best solution to heat and air condition his home. R Panel guarantees the highest thermal comfort levels and reduces the energy bill up to 60 %, with respect to traditional radiators.

Max working pressure3 bar
Max working temperature95 °C
Thermovector fluidwater + additive
Average liquid capacity1.2 l/mq
Hydraulic connections1/2″
Panel feedingcrossed; inlet down, outlet up(***)
Energetic compatibilitytraditional energy sources, solar energy, geothermal energy.

(**) Production after 01/01/2010

Suggested working temperature 35°C – 42°C
With non-condensing boilers 45°C – 55°C
Working Temperature controlled by anti-condensation controller in the range 13°C – 21°C (55°F-70°F)