Renewable Energies

R Panel® is the ideal partner for green energy solutions in buildings.

R Panel® takes advantage of the thermal inertia of the solid structures of the house (walls, ceiling, floor) and reduces considerably the size of the energy source with respect to traditional heating/cooling systems.

The low operating temperature and its high efficiency make R Panel® ideal for renewable energy sources.

Solar photovoltaic with Electric R Panel® or with Chiller + R Panel® Heating & Cooling

Solar Photovoltaic

Heating & Cooling Mini Chiller 

R Panel® Heating & Cooling

A mini-chiller of – 6Kw cooling capacity (-1.8 Kw absorption) is typically sufficient to heat/cool an apartment of 100 m2

Solar Photovoltaic

Wifi thermostat with electric resistance (Low Consumption PTC)

Electric R Panel®

No energy source needed. R Panel® is equipped with a new generatioon PTC resistor that reduces by 30% the power consumption

Geothermal Heat Pumps


R Panel® Heating & Cooling

The low operating temperature makes R Panel® Heating & Cooling ideal for the use Geothermal heat pumps

Industrial Heating


Research and Development