Research and Development

The Scientific Research and the Technological Development have always been the driving force of our company. In our opinion, these are the essential ingredients to provide customers a unique service with respect to our competitors. The continuous research in the field of climatization and alternative-energy allows us not only to have strong-performing products, but also to provide advice specific to our customers.

Our scientific research is often carried out in close cooperation with University Departments of Physics and Engineering.

Main partners: University of Catania (Italy), University of Palermo (Italy), University of Geneva (Switzerland)

QR2-50/PLC Anticondensation Controller

The QR2-50 PLC regulator is multi-zone climate controller designed to prevent dew formation in R Panel® cooling systems. The unit is able to ensure the best hydrothermal conditions and to optimize the system performance.

HRV 818/PLC Anticondensation Probe

The anticondensation probe can detect the dew point with precision and accuracy through the analysis of the vapor pressure, temperature and absolute air humidity (parameters that define the dew point).

Chronothermostat 503/GREEN

Programmable chronothermostat specifically designed to detect faster the “effective temperature” in radiant systems.

Towel Hanger

It’s a brushed-steel band with a modern and linear design. It can be mounted on every R Panel (vertically installed)at the desired height.

AD-34/1 Panel® Protective Liquid

The additive AD34-1 is a product of the R Panel® R&D division, studied for ensuring the maximum efficiency of the radiant panels. The additive is added to the water of the hydraulic plant, inhibits the formation of gas (oxidation) or possible corrosions of the heat exchangers; furthermore it enhances the heat exchange of the panels.

Industrial Heating

Renewable Energies