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RPanel is a product patented in 1996, an innovative solution for heating and cooling indoor environments distributed by TCS srl. These panels, characterized by low operating temperatures, transform wall surfaces into infrared radiative terminals, offering numerous advantages in terms of energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and environmental sustainability.

HOT-COLD: With hydraulic power, powered by a chiller with a heat pump, and it uses the hydraulic system like classic radiators.

ELECTRIC: With electric power, it will be shipped pre-filled and with a wireless digital chronothermostat, remotely manageable. Just fix the bracket and provide electrical power through a shuko plug.

RPanel panels emit natural infrared. The wave emitted by our panels has no radiation cone, it is the longest, low-frequency diffusive type.

RPanel panels are versatile as they adapt to any need, both in terms of energy requirements and available surface. The panels consist of 2 to 9 slats of standard sizes: 80cm, 160cm, 200cm, 250cm, and 300cm. The various combinations satisfy every type of environment and adapt to any space.

RPanel is a patented Made in Italy product with international distribution.

RPanel provides an average energy savings of about 65%.

Quick thermal response as they are not embedded in structures.

Maintains a healthy environment by drying walls during heating and ensuring the correct relative humidity during cooling thanks to the anti-condensation control.

R Panel® products can be installed by your trusted plumber, as the installation is similar to a traditional radiator heating system.
It is possible to convert your system without invasive work, simply by replacing the old radiators with the new RPanel plates. Furthermore, by replacing with an RPanel system, you elevate the energy class. In case there is no hydraulic system, we offer the electric solution, just fix the bracket and provide electrical power through a shuko plug. The panels will be shipped pre-filled and with a wireless digital chronothermostat.
The RPanel radiant system requires 18W/m3 compared to 35W/m3 of a traditional system. Combined with the efficiency of the heat pump, depending on its COP, it can lead to an overall energy savings of about 65%. With the system in operation, an absorption of 7/24h of work is estimated.
RPanel is advantageous for all types of buildings, from new generation houses to old buildings and even industrial buildings. In older buildings, RPanel uses the wall mass, an obstacle for convective systems, and takes advantage of it for thermal comfort and reduction of dispersion.

With RPanel, you heat/cool in the most natural way possible. The plates are highly sustainable for several reasons:

Detachment from fossil fuel power sources.

Less need for primary energy.

Reduction of waste.

Made with recyclable materials.

Very low CO2 emissions.

So far, we have reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by about 3,000,000 kg!

The costs for an RPanel system are about 85€ per m2 for Hot-Cold, 70€ per m2 for hydraulic and electric heating-only solutions.

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